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4 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy or Sell a Home Without an Agent | Richard Maize

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy or Sell a Home Without an Agent

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy or Sell a Home Without an Agent
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The home buying process is just as exciting as it is scary. You’ve got an idea of a dream home in your mind and you’re determined to find it. Yet, the do-it-yourself route can take the joy out of the search.

To ease the process and make the right choice, it’s best that you partner with an agent when buying or selling your home. I know it’s possible for you to make the right decision on your own, but here are 4 reasons why an agent should act as your voice of reason.

Experts in their field

Don’t go into the market thinking you’ve gained all there is to know. Assumptions in the real estate field can be costly. Real estate has its own language and, often, the only people who are fluent are realtors. Without one, many misconceptions of acronyms and other jargon can mislead you. A realtor’s expertise is necessary for the documentation involved in buying or selling a home: dozens of reports, disclosures, forms and other technical documents needed to close a deal will be better handled by your real estate agent.

Finding the hidden gems

The internet has tons of great sites to help you narrow your search but you can’t efficiently find all of your options on your lonesome. Even though you can easily find real estate listings online; realtors have access to more listings and databases that the general public does not.  

Many times there are properties that aren’t yet advertised or won’t be publicly advertised. Your realtor can help you identify hidden gems and it’s important to evaluate all your options before making a this heavy decision.

Using their network

Relationships and previous ties have been a major catalyst behind real estate deals. Choose a realtor that has already formed relationships with other mortgage brokers, home inspectors, real estate attorneys, interior designers, etc. Establishing these relationships and managing them can be daunting and take time away from your main focuses. Use your realtor’s network to your advantage!

Skilled in negotiating

Housing negotiations are surely competitive. As a home owner or seller, you may not get the best deal by negotiating on your own. These conversations can get heated: cutthroat at times, bidding wars, and other situations that your agent has likely experienced before. Your realtor will likely consider factors that you haven’t – market trends, the relative competition, purchase agreements, and other various contingencies.

Don’t think of realtors as an additional burden, think of them as your expert concierge. They’re considered a salesperson whether they’re helping you buy or sell a home; although they serve many roles for their commission.

Realtors are doing extensive research, closely monitoring listings, marketing for your home if it’s being sold, and they’re also the one thing most – your therapist. Buying or selling your home can, and likely will, be a stressing process. Having a realtor as your trusted advisor will help you find the best fit while maintaining your sanity along the way.


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