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Finance | Richard Maize
‘Real Tips’ Part 2

‘Real Tips’ Part 2

In this second installment of ‘Real Tips”, Rich Maize continues answering pressing questions about property ownership and rentals — making real estate investing less daunting to the laypeople who need ‘real’ real estate advice. Q: What is a Triple Net Lease (NNN)? A: An NNN Lease is when the tenant pays for all the costs of the building, e.g. taxes, insurance and upkeep). Often these leases can include roof and pavement unless it is what is called an “absolute NNN” lease. Q: Is there an end in sight to the cheaper debt from FHA, Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae that can pull the rug out from under the apartment market? A: There are always cycles in this arena. You can bet your bottom dollar that once inflation even pokes its head up, the rates will increase and continue to do so. Once that happens, the stock market and real estate bubble will flatten out a bit. Q: I cannot deduct Home Owners’ Association (HOA) fees from my income for a personal residence but can I deduct it from a rental property? A: Yes, one is the cost of doing business on your investment and the other is part of your living expenses, such as buying furniture for your office versus buying it for your home. The former is a tax deduction while the latter is not. Q: Who pays for the delinquent taxes on a home for sale? A: This item is prorated between the old and new owners. For example: if the property closed May 1st and the 2015 were not paid as required on February for the...
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